Contract Workroom

A Workroom For Interior Designers, Architects, and Set Designers

Contract Workroom


Brooklyn, NY


Jan Girard


We are happy to work on both large and small projects from soft furnishings

for an entire location, or for a single room.

To inquire about working together, please call or send an email with your

pertinent information, including your website address.

If you require a preliminary proposal on a project you are estimating, please

include the following information:

     1. The project scope and as much description as available

     2. The location, particularly if this involves an installation

     3. Drawings with measurements

     4. Fabric selection details

     5. And, a possible time frame

All of our work is custom, and as such, each project is carefully considered.

If the project is to be installed on a site, we will provide a final proposal, only after

viewing the site.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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