Contract Workroom

A Workroom For Interior Designers, Architects, and Set Designers

Designer: Juan Montoya

Projects: Create Swaged Valances an Pleated Curtains in a

                large art filled apartment on the Park.  The windows

                are different sizes, so the valances are scaled to fit

                and look similar. Create Sheer Pleated Curtains to

                soften the light behind.  

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Designer: Juan Montoya

Designer: Allen Kaufman

Create a Baronial Bedroom for an antique art collector. For the Bed: Crown molding was selected and mired into shape.  The entire molding was applied with velvet and antique gold trim. From that, hangs flat panels and curtains in damask and velvet with trim and plain silk interior curtains. The Headboard is curved and tufted in both the plain silk, the velvet, and the gold trim. The inside of the canopy is crystal pleated to the center. The Bedspread has a hand embroidered medallion centered on the top. Create Velvet Curtains with gold trim.                   

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