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A Workroom For Interior Designers, Architects, and Set Designers


Project: In a Romantic Master Bedroom, create Bed Curtains in textured linen, a Bedspread with trim and a Pleated Bedskirt

Designer: Ivan Chatman & John Saladino

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Designer: Ivan Chatman & John Saladino

Projects: Create a Hand Tufted Mattress in ticking, Pillows and Cushions, a Graceful Slipcover for an armless chair, Long Chair

                Pads for teak lounge chairs

Designer: Kevin Walz


Create a Lipstick Red Quilted Leather Tablecloth, 11 feet in diameter.  Quilt many pieces of leather in small diamonds, and join them together seamlessly as large diamonds to construct the round tablecloth.

Create Heavy Two Sided Curtains as a Dramatic Room Divider.  They are red in the living room and beige with long fringe and tape in the dining room.