Contract Workroom

A Workroom For Interior Designers, Architects, and Set Designers


Designer: Joe Durso

  Project: Unusual Sizes and Materials. Create a Sheer Linen Curtain with a contrast linen border with Loops, and hang it from a tension wire, not confined by window dimensions.

               Create a Headboard from a hand woven Sam Kasten rug fabric. Bind it with linen fabric and loops and hang from an iron rod, like a tapestry.

Designer: Joe Durso

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Designer: Michael Braverman

Interior Design: Sal LaRosa

  Project: Playful, Individual, Updated Take on a Swaged Valance. The location was two rooms in a beautiful tower wit extraordinary views of the city. Create Couture Window

                Sculpture in a copper/silk fabric held with antique copper cord.

Designer: Becky Hudson

Project: For a few years, the client/designer had been collecting hand loomed, hand spun flax and linen panels.  Each had their own character.  The project: put them all together in a way to respect each and every piece, creating the walls of a tented bedroom, overlapping them so that the selvedges were

visible. Attach them to a tented ceiling.  Make sheer curtains so that the tent sides could be drawn open at the windows.

Furniture Design: Sal LaRosa

Project: Integrate the rooms of a small, but beautifully appointed apartment.  The fabric was sewn in channels, and then down was blown in.  The amount could be adjusted

             for the use and the location.  Create the Bedspread and the Matching Bench for the bedroom, and Banquette, Bolsters, and Pillows for the living room.