Contract  Workroom

Who We Are

We are an intimate, select group of artisans and artists.  Working together

in a single studio for many years,  we have joined our considerable skills and

diverse backgrounds.  We are creative, smart, and intuitive  collaborators who

love challenges and meet them happily.  Collectively, our  experiences span more   than two centuries of working with fabric and leather in every capacity....draping,  pattern making, sewing, covering, upholstering, and sculpting.

What We Do

Working with many leading architects, interior designers, and set designers, we breathe life into their dreams.  Together, we create what they and their clients desire in fabric and leather.  Our work is limited only by the scope of the project.  It is always custom made, with beautiful hand crafted details.  Also, it is carefully considered, resolved, finessed, and appropriate for it’s environment.   Of course we see a project through from beginning to end - measuring, estimating, constructing, and installing… in any location the work takes us.


  Meet  Jan Girard